Wednesday, 7 February 2018


A Texas inmate on death row has been executed by lethal injection after being imprisoned for the murder of his two daughters. John Battaglia shot and killed both his daughters, Faith and Liberty, in retaliation to his wife, Mary Jean Pearle, wanting his parole revoked.
Battaglia was on parole, at the time, for domestic violence after assaulting his wife on Christmas Day in 1999. Battaglia was then put on a 2 year probation and was restricted from contacting Pearle apart from visiting his children.
On 2 May 2001 Pearle left the kids with Battaglia, for a planned dinner, but the latter took the girls to his apartment instead. He then made a phone call to Pearle and shot both his daughters while she listened on the other end.
The children could be heard screaming and pleading for their father to stop what he was doing. On 30 April 2002 Battaglia was sentenced to death but his case would drag on for another 16 years before the court finally executed him on February 1 2018.

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