Thursday, 16 November 2017


The world woke up to shocking news, this week, that President Robert Mugabe was placed under house arrest by the Zimbabwean National Army. This comes after vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa was sacked for allegedly being disloyal and planning to oust Mugabe.
The army chief General Constantine Chiwenga had warned the ruling party against the purging of politicians who had assisted in the liberation struggle against Britain. ZANU - PF Youth League responded by ridiculing the army and telling Chiwenga to stay in the barracks and not 93 meddle in politics. 
A week later army tanks were seen heading for Harare and a Coup d 'etat was suspected to be in motion. General Chiwenga, however, downplayed the suspicions and said that the army was only performing a usual drill.
Robert Mugabe has been in power since Zimbabwe gained its independence from Britain in 1980. He is now 93 and very frail.

Friday, 10 November 2017


Churches have never been in alignment with alcohol consumption throughout history, however, one local church has defied this conventional norm. Situated in Orange Farm, Gauteng Gabola Church prides itself in catering for society's outcasts popularly known as 'drunkards.
Having been established only a few months ago this church is already boasting 500 members and appears to be growing rapidly. The congregation is offered alcohol during a sermon and members are baptised with the brand of their choice.
The pastor always starts the service with a glass of whisky and prays for all the alcohol that will be consumed throughout the sermon. He firmly believes that Jesus turned water into wine for this particular purpose and therefore drinkers should not be ashamed to indulge. 
Church services are held in a tavern and everyone is invited!!!

Monday, 6 November 2017


Monday saw farmers from different parts of South Africa banding together and blocking highways in a bid to be heard by the government. This protest comes in light of a Stellenbosch farmer who was murdered at his home by an unknown assailant.
Farm murders have become a serious issue in the country with farmers venting their frustration and pleading with the government to be assisted.
The march was peaceful in the Free State with no disruptions reported however, in Middleburg, a truck collided with the cars blocking the highway and a few people were injured.
In Johannesburg tensions began to soar when the protestors started waving the old Apartheid flag to on coming traffic. This raised concerns about the farm murders being racialised and Black Monday being used for political reasons.
Many political parties including the ANC, DA, and EFF condemned those who were brandishing the old South African flag and called for unity amongst all South Africans.

Thursday, 2 November 2017


Fridays are always packed with pure entertainment as Metro Rhythm caters for the avid hip hop listener. Hip hop is, undoubtedly, a male-dominated industry that lacks sufficient support for the female species. 
Gontse 'the goon and Thapelo aka Tapz take it upon themselves to expose local talent within the feminine domain. 
Unsigned artists are given a platform to showcase their talent while the latest in entertainment is dissected on the show. 
Be sure to tune in at 2pm-5pm every Friday to experience the purest hip hop sounds.