Thursday, 5 October 2017


A country music concert was tragically cut short in Nevada when a mysterious gunman sprayed a hail of bullets at the audience attending the event. 63-year-old Stephen Paddock was in his 32nd floor apartment, at a hotel, when he opened fire at the unsuspecting crowd. 59 people were killed and nearly 530 were injured. At this point it is still unclear what drove Paddock to commit this massacre with 10 suitcases filled with machine guns found in his hotel room. He then committed suicide upon shooting at the crowd before police officials got to his hotel room. His girlfriend, a Philippines national, was flown to the USA for questioning following the ordeal. Paddock is said to have been a retired accountant with multi-millions to his name along with gambling habits. His brother, Eric, described how shocked he was when he heard of the news.

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